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The Road To Your Refund

Letter to Customers


Dear Customer

We are reaching out to you today, as we have identified that you may be due 3x the original amount you received for your PPI/Plevin Claim back under new rules.

This is because, when customers were sold PPI, if the lender also made commission off the sale of the PPI and this was more than 50% of the amount you would pay. The lenders had a legal responsibility to tell you they was making commission from the PPI, and if they didn’t, they have a legal requirement to pay you this money back. In your case, your lender did not tell you this!

When we claimed for you last time, the lender didn’t agree the PPI was miss-sold, but did agree they didn’t tell you about the level of commission, and paid you redress based on this. 

The FCA states that the lenders only have to refund 50% - 75% of the commission received by them when they sold you the PPI, while the courts and law firms disagree with this, and are paying out up to 100% of the commission paid. 

We have identified you could receive 3x the original amount, and we would like to help you obtain the rest of the money you are due back. 

We have partnered with a Law firm, who wishes to take your claim on and issue against the lender to help you get the maximum money you are due, which could be an extra few thousands of pounds.

Somebody from our Litigation team may contact you in the next couple of weeks to run through this with you, and issue new documents to sign to claim the funds back. Do not worry, the claims are done again on a NO WIN NO FEE basis. 

Should you wish to get started sooner, please call us on 0161 814 8633